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Ner Tamid Society


Background of the Ner Tamid Society

In a heartwarming display of devotion and community spirit, individuals have chosen to join a special society dedicated to leaving a lasting financial legacy to Temple Anshe Hesed This act of generosity reflects a deep commitment to preserving our religious and cultural heritage for future generations. This beautiful tradition not only underscores the importance of this Jewish community but also serves as a poignant reminder of the enduring power of legacy and the values that unite individuals in their shared sense of purpose.

What is the purpose of the Ner Tamid Society?

The purpose of the Ner Tamid Society is to provide for the future financial security of Temple Anshe Hesed and provides a deep sense of fulfillment and purpose to the giver, as it allows individuals to contribute to the perpetuation of Reform Judaism and to this community long after they are gone.

Who oversees the Ner Tamid Society?

The Ner Tamid Society is part of the Finance Committee and is under the Major Gifts Committee.  The chair will be appointed by the President annually.

Donation Designation

Ner Tamid Society gifts will be invested in the Endowment Fund.  If preferred, donors may designate a specific area of interest or fund.  As priorities change over time, Temple Anshe Hesed may need to alter the donation designation, however the initial intent will be followed as closely as possible.

Does the Ner Tamid Society require proof of bequest?

There is no requirement of proof of bequest though the committee will ask individuals to complete a letter of intent stating that the donor intends to leave a gift to Temple Anshe Hesed through a will, trust, insurance policy, retirement plan or some other type of financial gift.

Does the Ner Tamid Society accept any type of gift?

Gifts other than cash will be referred to the Board and/or appropriate committee for disposition.

How are Donors Recognized?

To inspire and encourage others, The Ner Tamid Society maintains and displays a plaque which lists all individuals who have indicated their intention to leave a gift to Temple Anshe Hesed. However, donors can indicate their desire to remain anonymous.

Who do I contact to join or ask additional questions?

Call or email the Temple office at (814)454-2426 or at


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